Brand & Marketing Strategies for Small and Growing Businesses

  • One hour intensive task-oriented support session

  • Individual, group meeting, or board team setting

  • Topic based on your choice of imminent marketing needs

  • Follow-up and action items review

  • 1 hour consult (phone, coffee shop, happy hour anyone?)

  • Available for established clients only

  • Cost: $45

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Now that you are an established client you are entitled to certain benefits!

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What else can we do for you? We are here to help you with every aspect of making your business a successful one. We have a lot of resources and tools that you might not even be aware of, just throw out a question and we might have the perfect answer!

We also love to network and support other local businesses to develop solutions to meet our client's unique business goals.

We're here to help you shine and we thank you for your business.

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coaching consult

The key to success is being consistent and staying on course. Don't let fear creep in! You may benefit from a one hour intensive coaching session with an expert marketing consultant who can support your efforts and provide you with an objective perspective (aka: Slap upside the head). The mission is to get you on track and keep you on track.

Topic of your choice may include: prioritizing areas of focus, discussion of next steps, brainstorming new ideas and opportunities, resolving challenges, focusing on the positive, etc.

Highlights: Strategic consultation or training when you need it. One-hour task-oriented session based on topic(s) of your choice.