First Hill, Seattle

Multiple rooms available, up to 120

Elegant, Ambiance, View, Historical

In-house chef and service

Sorrento Hotel

Historic. classic elegance.



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The Rainier Club

distinguished. elegant. magnificent.

       Downtown, Seattle

Capacity:       Multiple rooms available, up to 500

Style Tags:    Classy, Elegant, View, Historical,

Catering:       In-house chef and service

the landing

urban. lofty. unique.



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seattle tennis club

Serene. historical. impeccable.

          Near Madison Park, Seattle

Capacity:          Indoor and Outdoor space available, up to 350

                          Seating Chart

Style Tags:       Classy, View, Historical, Waterfront

Catering:          In-house chef and service

Columbia tower club

Classy. modern. top of the world.

          Downtown Seattle

Capacity:          Up to 400 with smaller rooms available

Style Tags:       Classy, Elegant, View, Modern

Catering:          In-house chef and service

You take me to the nicest places

and these are some of my favorite


If planning a big event is in your future, I've worked with some of the best venues and I'm happy to help you choose the one that fits your style and budget. Whether you're looking for the perfect place to hold your next big dinner, training seminar, charity luncheon, holiday party, or whatever you've got coming down the pike, I would highly recommend any of the following (in no particular order) and I look forward to working with them again and again. Shine PR Etc. top event venues deliver the shine.

Brand & Marketing Strategies for Small and Growing Businesses

Near University Village, Seattle

Indoor and Balcony space available, up to 150

Urban, Industrial, Lounge

In-house chef and service by 50 North Restaurant or caterer of your choice.

Downtown, Bellevue

Multiple rooms available, up to 250+

Elegant, Ambiance, Rustic, Romantic

In-house chef and service

Maggiano's Little Italy

rustic. romantic ambiance.



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