Recommended: follow-up with ongoing support through our Spotlight Combined Marketing & PR consulting services (see below).

spotlight starting point business plan

We'll provide you with a tangible and living business plan taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Let’s shine a spotlight on the goals and concerns identified through initial analysis and combine that with additional focused research performed by your Shine Consultant to create a workable, revisable, and presentable document you can feel confident about when meeting with financial investors.

Generous with marketing suggestions, your Spotlight Starting Point Business Plan provides valuable steps tailored to your business goals along with actionable items to launch your ideas, as well as income calculations and graphs to validate your business model.

Highlights: This project creates a living plan that we can revise and continue to build on as you achieve your goals and grow your business.
Benefits of working with Shine PR Etc.:
  • Great for smaller organizations that do not have the budget to hire a full-time in-house marketer or to provide you with additional strategic input alongside your current in-house marketing.

  • Provides immediate relief for short-term projects or continued flexible contracting for ongoing support as needed.

  • Can be utilized for coaching, training, design, support services, and special events.

  • Cost Effective: You don't need to manage our consultants, provide an office, or employee benefits.

  • Ideal for small businesses, start-ups, new product or service launches, and key projects.

We believe in teamwork to produce a well-rounded approach to marketing in order to fully convey your brand message and authentically build your top of mind status. We do this through clear communication, ingenious marketing, and reinforcement of exceptional customer service on all sides – providing an irresistible and compelling reason for your customers to embrace what you have to offer and tell all their friends. And... that's how you shine!

spotlight starting point
initial Marketing assessment

Essential starting point for any new business idea, re-branding, or marketing overhaul, and start-ups needing direction on where to focus initial efforts. Clear the cobwebs and shine the light! Whether you’re launching a brand new idea or just need to regroup and take a look at the basics – the starting points need to be clearly marked and calculated into a new road map that leads to your ultimate goals.

You'll benefit from our initial research and fresh ideas to get your creative wheels turning. At the same time, we'll provide you with realistic expectations of what we believe can be achieved and how much it will cost. This assessment will present you with marketing suggestions and establish reasonable timelines to give you a real picture of what can be done and when. This is your starting point before we can shout, “On your mark, get set, go!”

Highlights: This comprehensive and diagnostic assessment tool provides you with objective research and recommendations to help you launch your new project with more creativity and direction.

Initial Marketing Assessment

  • Provides standard and customized marketing tips

  • Basic competition review

  • Branding and promotional ideas

  • Web & social media suggestions, and more ideas to grow your business

  • Sets forth timeline, price points, and methods of implementation

  • Report (5-10 pages) includes initial assessment of your business or projects at hand, marketability, and recommendations

  • Duration: 2-4 weeks

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs

  • Identify KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Define ideal target market

  • Define your unique brand promise

  • Define key marketing messages

  • Develop a 12-month marketing activity calendar w/budget

  • Duration: 6-12 weeks covers research, design, training, and initial implementation*

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs

spotlight Combined Marketing & PR consulting services

Our most popular and versatile plan  -- Ideal for short-term projects or ongoing support. You get a little bit of everything with your very own marketing and public relation pros, at your service. This covers all the bases and behind the scenes work involved to implement your daily marketing strategy, public relations, training, and special projects.

Provides direction, management, representation, and hands on support with:

  • Creative services
  • Brand building & public relations
  • Manager, publicist, agent representation
  • Press & media relations
  • Talent, speaking, and booking management
  • Author services
  • Ad design and implementation
  • Admin services (invoicing/receipts/reporting, correspondence,  emails/letters, etc.)
  • Website & social media updates
  • Directory listings
  • Event planning & special promotions
  • Writing & editing services 
  • Online reputation management and media monitoring
  • CRM, email, newsletter, and mailing list maintenance

Highlights: Combined services to include post marketing plan implementation, public relation management, and/or business administration and support.

Shine Bright Monthly Maintenance Plan

  • Combined marketing & PR management, implementation, training, on-site assistance, and creative services

  • Ongoing monthly maintenance, custom plans available

  • Initial consult and recommendations to determine your needs and budget

  • Additional hours & services billed accordingly

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs

spotlight market Survey
and Research

Provides you with the valuable and objective market research information only discovered through an in-depth analysis to learn exactly where you stand in today's market and how your customers and community perceive you. Provides customer based review and feedback through interviews and surveys with current and past customers. A custom questionnaire is designed to discover your customer's top-of-mind perceptions. Data collection is compiled and followed up with quality insights and corresponding recommendations that you can use to target your future marketing and PR efforts wisely. This process is essential in building a strong strategic marketing action plan (Strat MAP) and designed to be used in conjunction with a full marketing plan solution.

Highlights: Custom questionnaire and market research to provide  quantitative results and recommendations based on customer feedback.

  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis via interviews and surveys using phone, mail, web, and email

  • Gather industry benchmarks and profit metrics

  • Summary and presentation with recommendations

  • Duration: 6-8 weeks

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs

Spotlight Marketing & PR Solutions

focused and candid - is there any other way?

Outsource it!  Let us do all the research, planning, pitching, and implementation to present your marketing, brand development, and reputation in the most realistic and honest way.

Our Spotlight Solutions provide you with an experienced Shine Consultant to lead your marketing and PR efforts and to assist your business with any relevant short-term needs, start-ups, special events, and ongoing support. We're happy to work alongside your management team to establish improvements in your current brand and marketing plan, identify and overcome any challenges, and ultimately achieve your goals. Take advantage of our bundled Spotlight Solutions listed below or create your own custom solution plan from our list of Services. All  services may be bundled and are competitively priced per project. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing all of your branding and marketing activities. We can provide everything you need - with one phone call today!

Brand & Marketing Strategies for Small and Growing Businesses

Does not include: Initial web & social media set-up and design, Spotlight marketing plans, subscription fees, maintenance/hosting fees, third-party expenses, office supplies, media kit assembly, ad fees, travel expenses, printing/distribution/shipping fees.

  • Identify topic objectives, target audience, and budget

  • Develop discussion and recruitment screening guides

  • Schedule session date, reserve venue, and organize refreshments or catering

  • Recruit, notify, and confirm screened participants (Avg. 12)

  • Audio/Video recording services provided

  • Manage participant incentive payments

  • Executive Summary with observations and recommendations

  • Transcription from key audio

  • Copy of audio/video recordings

  • Duration: 8-12 weeks (start to finish)

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs


PR & Marketing + Communications + Events + Web & Social Media
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spotlight strategic marketing action plan

We will work with your management team to build or improve the current marketing plan, identify and overcome any challenges, and present a plan everyone can work with. Let's establish your marketing goals, agree on appropriate marketing tactics, and develop a strategic marketing plan that is attainable and brings results. We will research the best advertising avenues and coordinate run schedules. A good marketing plan is essential for identifying your unique brand promise and translating this into effective marketing communication and action.

Highlights: Identify key elements to build a detailed 12-month marketing activity plan and budget.

fine print: All prices subject to change and do NOT include printing fees or any other third-party expense. Legal transfer of ownership rights to any artwork / design / marketing materials / and writing applies only to the finalized 'work product' and deliverables upon completion and final payment. any unselected ‘work product' / drafts / and design material remains the copyright and property of shine pr etc., unless specifically purchased by client. as this is a creative process, turnaround times are approximate only. We will do our best to expedite, but may encounter increased production time as a result of: extra deliverable requests, modifications, complexity of design, etc. We will do our best to inform you of such delays throughout the creative process.

spotlight synergy session
focus group

Knowing your audience is the key to successful marketing. Discover what people really think about your business, product, or services by utilizing the advantages of a professionally moderated focus group. With effective planning, development, and facilitation, we gather critical and relevant customer based feedback so that you can learn where to focus your marketing attention. A popular method of qualitative market research, these valuable sessions are fun as well as informative! This piece is also designed to compliment a full marketing plan solution.

free initial consult

customized to address your immediate and long term goals

We would be happy to meet with you and learn more about your business goals, new service, or special event. Media kit and additional price listings available during consult. We work with our clients not only at a boldly competitive price, but wholeheartedly. Most items can be bundled and priced per project. We offer a la carte Services as well as convenient packages to meet your immediate needs and budget.

We're here to help you shine and we thank you for your business.
  • Initial Set-up & Design 

  • Includes setup and initial design template. Import clean contacts for email/mailing list. Essential for email blasts, newsletters, and labels. Additional clean-up fees may apply for outdated list imports.

Administrative Maintenance

  • Monitor mailing list, registrations, payment records

  • Design and update campaign and form builders 

  • Maintain/Update web and email links

  • Upload and format new content, revise templates

  • Database cleanup and recommendations

  • Additional fees may apply as this quote is based on all copy/content/images provided by client

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs

    Does NOT include:
    Purchase of stock images
    Custom Graphics
    Copy writing fees
    Subscription services


We keep it simple.You have better things to do, like running your business. You have a list of contacts you'd like to send routine and nicely branded emails or newsletters out to. We'll maintain the software, design, manage, and deliver those messages on your behalf.

Utilizing the most secure and robust online database/communication management tools on the market for our clients - your data is safe, routinely cleaned, updated, and maintained. We have the ability to segment and tag your contacts to send relevant information to each group or to all. By integrating web-forms and automated message sequencing, your customers can request and receive information (Info sheets, E-books, RSVP confirmations, etc.) instantly, saving time for everyone. Your messages are clear and your hands are free to keep on doing what you do best.

The contact list belongs to you as Shine PR Etc. would simply host, manage, design and deliver your messages, and monitor the ongoing interaction - ultimately freeing up your time to handle other things.

Bottom line: If you want your customers to sign up for your newsletter, register for an event, request information, or purchase a product -- you need a well maintained mailing list and all the bells and whistles in place to make it happen.

Highlights: Planning, development, recruitment, and facilitation of a professional focus group study.

Business Plan Executive Report

  • Extensive research on current marketing status

  • Identify central points of attention, activity, and action items

  • Track timelines and milestones

  • Financial evaluations and forecasting

  • Report (15-30 pages) includes Executive Summary, PowerPoint Pitch, and Sell Sheet

  • Duration: 4-6 weeks

  • Cost: Call for current pricing based on company size and needs