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I deliver what bigger marketing companies can't -- Excellent results for a fair price that small businesses can afford. My clients can always count on me to focus on the details, so they don't have to. I’m also very selective about my client choices, simply to ensure that I can dedicate my time and effort into the people I believe in and the work they do. If the job is too big or out of scope for my own expertise and pool of talented resources, I will be up front and happy to point you in the right direction. I’m never greedy at another’s expense. In fact, Shine PR Etc. regularly donates to charity, loves doing volunteer work, and provides discounted services to organizations in need.

It all began in 1987
Providence Hospital
offered me a position in the Emergency Room Admitting Department and I found myself immediately immersed into a fast-paced whirlwind of high expectations. There was no room for drama, inaccurate documentation, or lack of speed... and I loved every minute of it! I loved helping people, and I was grateful for the opportunity to witness such sensitivity, compassion, and team support in the workplace. This also happened to be the dawn of the Internet and I jumped in headfirst - committed to learning everything I could get my hands on--and then encourage and help train others to jump on the technology bandwagon.

I look back now and realize that I owe the majority of my present talents and dedication to the lessons I learned during those crazy days and nights in the ER. I'm grateful where it's led me, into this fulfilling career I have today of sharing what I've learned and helping others succeed.

Ten years later in 1997

I jumped on an opportunity to switch gears and gain more experience with all things web and programming related. I went back to school and spent a few years at Intermec as an online courseware designer and custom reports developer with the Marketing, Sales, HR, and Team Training departments. I dedicated my focus on every aspect of sales and marketing, web development, team training, project management, and technical writing. You can see that, "No, thank you" is not a part of my typical modus operandi. More like, "What's next?"

FAst forward to the 21st Century!

After having enough of the tech world--at least that revolving around RFID chips and barcodes--I moved back into my happy place: healthcare. I worked for about 15 years between the University of Washington Medical Center and Pacific NW Fertility. There, I was given the opportunity to sharpen my marketing and public relation skills: developing marketing materials and patient information booklets, planned patient educational events, organized tradeshows, designed and published monthly newsletters, authored and edited published articles, coordinated elaborate grand openings, and anything else I could get my hands on.

One day, I was asked to revive an associated dwindling local non-profit organization. I welcomed the opportunity, rallied a new board team, facilitated the revision of the by-laws, and successfully re-launched its tri-annual sponsored educational dinner events with full membership attendance. This organization is now thriving full force. I have since worked with several other charity organizations and other non-profits . . . one opportunity always leading to another. 

2014--Enter  SHINE PR. Etc.

With nearly 30 years of experience working in all aspects of customer service, design, marketing, public relations, and information systems, it was time to officially launch Shine PR Etc. as a full-service marketing and PR consulting business. I love working with a variety of clients, learning what makes their businesses tick and helping them create a plan for success. 

Along with my own expertise, over the years I have built an extensive list of preferred vendors, top venues, sponsors, consulting partners, media relations, and other valuable resources to provide my clients with detailed attention and achievable results.

​Working with a wide variety of businesses, non-profits and charity organizations--helping them succeed, witnessing their customers, clients, members and recipients benefiting from the process-- is the most rewarding aspect of my career.


Whether you're planning a one-time big event, or just starting out and needing initial marketing and brand development, or ongoing marketing support and implementation, I will develop a custom plan that works for your business--because you are unique and marketing is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Feel free to review some of my case studies and see what my clients have to say. I'm here to help you succeed. Now come on and let's Shine together!

Why I Do what I do

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We would be happy to meet with you and learn more about your business goals, new service, or special event. Media kit and additional price listings available during consult. We work with our clients not only at a boldly competitive price, but wholeheartedly. Most items can be bundled and priced per project. We offer a la carte Services as well as convenient packages to meet your immediate needs and budget.

We're here to help you shine and we thank you for your business.

"It's absolutely perfect . . . but it'll have to do."

Michelle Ranae Nelson, Founder and Creative Director